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Ridiculous Danger was founded by Kelly Brown and David Vienna with the sole mission of creating kick-ass shows, films and podcasts that push boundaries and challenge norms.

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Why You Should Enter
The ATX Pitch Competition

We get it. There are a ton of screenwriting contests out there. But, for emerging writers there's simply nothing more worth the time and effort than the ATX Television Festival Pitch Competition.


As a finalist last year and the first entrants to ever get two pitches into the semi-finals (humble brag), we can personally attest that the competition changed the trajectory of our professional endeavors for the better. That's because even if you don't win you're in the room with show runners, writers, producers, and other industry pros. So, you should totally enter. Like, today.

The list of prizes blows the other contests out of the damn water. Semifinalists get things like a festival badge and a 3-month pro subscription to Canva. Finalists get leveled up versions of those things, plus other stuff like a Q&A with a showrunner or executive, a general meeting with an ATX pitch judge or panelist, and a month of free script hosting on the Blacklist. The runner-up gets two meetings with an ATX pitch judge or panelist and additional Blacklist perks. And the grand prize winner gets three meetings, pitch mentorship with a showrunner or executive, and a bunch more. (For the complete list of prizes, check out the list at

Pretty great, right? And here's the thing: Even if you don't have anything to pitch, just attending the festival creates opportunities to meet and chat with industry pros in a casual setting, not to mention all of the other creatives with whom you'll forge friendships between amazing panels and over drinks.

Submissions for the pitch competition are open and all of the details are available on the ATX Fest site. Go check it out.

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