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About Us


At Ridiculous Danger, we don't like rules.

We're a production company founded by Kelly Brown and David Vienna with the sole mission of creating kick-ass shows and films that push boundaries and challenge norms.

Our slate of projects is as diverse as they are original. From a comedy about a 5,000-year-old gender fluid sprite to deadly secret societies hidden in suburbia to a morally questionable reporter covering power players in D.C., we tell stories that explore the complexity and extremes of human experience.

Our scripts have garnered accolades from the likes of David Hudgins, Graham Yost, Julie Plec, and Tommy Schlamme, and attracted talent such as Rosario Dawson, Mark O’Brien, and Giovanni Ribisi. And our team brings the weight of multiple Emmy nominations, bestselling books, and a combined 50 years of production expertise to everything we do.

Join us on this punk rock journey as we tell stories that are as groundbreaking as they are entertaining.


Ridiculous Danger. Dangerous stories, ridiculously good.

Meet the Team

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

Writer | Producer

Kelly Brown is a 2-time Emmy-nominated writer and 5th generation filmmaker with a knack for shaking things up.

She's been making waves in the entertainment industry for over 25 years on everything from soap operas to indie film, to award shows and gritty dramas—she's kinda done it all. 


With her extensive background in development and unapologetic approach to finding the best parts of a story, Kelly brings an undeniable flair to every narrative she creates. 

Words she lives by:

"Never cross off your Yahtzee"

Worst advice she's ever gotten: 

"Don't work with your friends."

David Vienna

Writer | Producer

David Vienna is the author of 5 books, including the bestseller Calm The F*ck Down, based on his viral "CTFD Method" parenting technique.


A former journalist and current screenwriter, he’s penned everything from musicals to podcasts to reality TV scripts (that one really awesome episode of House Hunters—yeah, that was his). His work also appears in drunken emails to his friends from high school.



Cooking, watching movies




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