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2hr  |   Horror-Thriller  |   Film   

Writer: David Vienna

Producers: Kelly Brown, Tyler Parkinson, David Vienna, Brett Gursky

Partners: Magic Hour Productions

Decades after a radio reporter goes missing while covering a story, a producer uses his recordings to solve the supernatural mystery that led to his disappearance in an attempt to save her own life.

Based on the hit podcast. 

Barren - The Podcast

#23 Apple Podcasts: Fiction

Featured Selection in Apple Podcast: Spooky Stories 

When reporter Peter Sommers returns to his grandparents' farm in the wake of their death, he uncovers a horrifying mystery that challenges everything he knows about his family, his sanity and reality itself.

"...a fun, twisty horror podcast..."
—Podcast Magazine

"A horror movie for your ears."
—Dread Central

—New Times

"...a masterpiece of suspense."
—Bex Goos, podcast reviewer

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