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Barren Season 2 Paused In Solidarity With WGA

Jun 14, 2023

Pencils down, people

In solidarity with the WGA, the independent production company Ridiculous Danger announced it has stopped work on the much-anticipated season 2 of its own podcast Barren. Ridiculous Danger co-founder Kelly Brown said, "While most podcasts are created outside the bounds of the AMPTP, we feel it's important for all companies to act in support of writers and the WGA."

Barren, a horror audio drama podcast, went viral in the ramp-up to Halloween 2020 and even landed a coveted spot on Apple Podcasts' "Spooky Stories" curated collection. Season 2 was to pick up the story three years after the events of the previous season.

Ridiculous Danger co-founder David Vienna said, "We're eager to jump back into Barren, but the protections for which WGA leaders and members are fighting for are far more important."

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