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Celebrate Halloween With The Bouncy Bunny

Oct 9, 2023

Watch The Short Film That Inspired Ridiculous Danger

Nearly a decade ago, some friends got together to make a short film. The experience led to the creation of a punk rock production company.

Written by Ridiculous Danger co-founder David Vienna and directed by longtime creative collaborator Tyler Parkinson, the horror-comedy The Bouncy Bunny started as an excuse for a bunch of friends to get together and create an entertaining story. With a crew of talented content creators, the film was shot in a single afternoon.

At the time, Vienna was also developing another project with Ridiculous Danger co-founder Kelly Brown. The Bouncy Bunny shoot went so smoothly and efficiently, it inspired Vienna and Brown to stop waiting for others to greenlight their projects and simply make films and shows with their circle of talented friends. Thus, the seed of Ridiculous Danger was planted.

So, to celebrate the Halloween season (and the official launch of Ridiculous Danger earlier this year), The Bouncy Bunny is now available online for free for the first time ever.

Watch it now at or on Vimeo. And from all of us, have a happy Halloween!

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