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Yippee Ki-Yay, Mofos

Jan 28, 2024

We're Expanding

We've got some fun stuff we're cooking up for you in 2024. And that means we needed to expand a bit… someplace big, someplace bold, someplace with good barbecue. So, we’re heading to Texas!

Yup, this spring, Ridiculous Danger will open a satellite office in Austin.

"With all of the TV and film production going on in Austin, it's a logical step for us," said co-founder Kelly Brown.

Already a second home to us, thanks to the annual ATX Television Festival, the new Austin location will make use of local talent and crew as we develop new projects. Meanwhile, Ridiculous Danger's office in L.A. will continue to function as the company headquarters.

This expansion of Ridiculous Danger allows the company to broaden the scope of its mission to create bold content that makes audiences think, laugh, and question what they know.

Co-founder David Vienna said, "If people want to keep Austin weird, we'll fit right in."

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